Sms Gateway Android App

The SMS Gateway App completes the sending of a text message from your PC. The app receives the text messages and the telephone numbers from the server and transmits the relating text messages from your mobile phone. The installation of the App is free and you can find it in Google Play Store by searching for "SMS Gateway by Pucci". You can install it only in an Android mobile.

How to use


Login Window

This App is very user-friendly. If you want the App to send your text messages from PC via the Control Panel, you just have to enter your account (username and password). Namely, you have to enter the values obtained from the registration to SMS Gateway (the Register button in the Control Panel) in the Username and Password fields of the App and click Login. Thus, your text messages written on PC will be sent from your mobile phone.

Logged Window

Stop Service
By pushing this button when your mobile phone status is active, it switches to pause, namely it does not transmit any more text message. However, it should be noted that, for example, if you are sending 1,000 text messages, your mobile phone receives 50 messages at a time from the Server so, when you push the Pause button, your mobile phone will pause only after sending the group messages already received by the Server. Obviously, if your mobile phone does not have any text message to be sent, it will pause immediately

Start Service
By pushing this button your mobile phone will restart the SMS Gateway service (the service will be available after a few seconds).

By pushing this button you turn off SMS Services

The Text Box STATUS in the logged windows contains several details that can help us use this App. Generally they are self-explanatory, however let's see them one by one.

Service is runnig
If the service is Stopped will appear: Service is NOT runnig

BatteryLow: NO
Obviously, it indicates the battery charge status. This is important because our App receives text messages to be sent only if its charge status is greater than 5%, so that the mobile phone receives only an amount of messages that can be transmitted before the battery charge gets too low. Once in the "BatteryLow: YES" status, it switches to another condition only when the battery is charged above 6%, or the mobile phone is being charged. In that event, it returns to normal operation when the battery charge is greater than 2%.

Internet Connection: Present
Our App does not work without any Internet connection.

Text messages sent today
It refers to the number of the text messages sent from 00:00 of the current day

Text messages sent in this month
It refers to the number of the text messages sent from 00:00 on the first day of the current month.

Last sent SMS: RESULT_OK
This line shows the result of the last text message sent. It can take the following values:

RESULT_OK indicates that the text message has been successfully sent.
RESULT_ERROR_GENERIC_FAILURE indicates an error mainly due to two factors: the telephone number of the message recipient has not been recognised as a valid number, the mobile phone has no SIM card or the card has expired. In the latter case, the text message that has caused this error is returned to the server, so that it can be sent to other mobile phones, if any. It is stored in the server for up to three sending attempts.
The last three errors suggest a mobile phone hardware problem, therefore, once completed the sending of the text messages received from the server and stored again in the server, the mobile phone switches to "Stop Service".

The phone stores all the messages sent from PC

Text messages sent from PC are normally stored on your phone as if they are sent manually from the phone. This is normally accepted, but if you send hundreds of text messages for marketing maybe you do not want to store these sms on mobile phone. This can be achieved by using a mobile phone with Android operating system greater than or equal to 19 (KITKAT) and setting "SMS Gateway" as your Default Messaging Application.
(Settings -> Other Networks -> Default Messaging Application -> Set "SMS Gateway" as your Default Messaging Application)
If the operating system of your device is under 19, it does not handle the Default Messaging Application
However, note that only one App at a time can be Default Messaging Application, so if you use "Messages" App who become Default Messaging Application, SMS Gateway will store again all the messages sent from the PC.