Sms Gateway


With the installation of the SMS Gateway App on your Android mobile phone, you will be able to send free text messages from your PC, by using your mobile phone contract. You will comfortably write the text of your messages with the computer keyboard: you will automatically send them from your mobile phone without touching it, even if you don't keep it on hand, or have left it at home.



Then, if your mobile phone contract includes an "unlimited text messages" plan, you can even choose SMS Gateway not only for personal use but, also for SMS marketing campaigns at very low (cheap) prices. The SMS Gateway App is specifically designed not to overload your mobile phone, so that, while sending text messages, it normally operates and receives phone calls. However, on the other hand, the number of text messages sent per hour is limited to an average of less than 1,200 message/h. In most cases, this threshold is high enough to meet the most common demands. Anyhow, when a greater speed is needed, it is possible to use several mobile phones at the same time, thus achieving the required sending speed. For example, if you install the SMS Gateway app on 5 mobile phones, you will be able to send 1,200*5 = 6,000 messages/h.
Thanks to this, the best use of SMS Gateway is, obviously, to send text messages for third parties. (See Resellers)
However, it should be noted that the service provided by SMS Gateway is free for personal use (sending a message at a time), while there is a small cost to pay for the use of the server in case of professional use (hundreds or thousands of text messages sent at a time).

In conclusion, SMS Gateway, can be useful if:
a - If you work long hours at the computer, you can send text messages more easily and at no extra charge, as the single text message is free
b - If you need to send hundreds or thousands of text messages to do marketing, with SMS Gateway, you can do it at a price much lower than normal market prices
c - If you want to use SMS Gateway as a business tool to sell sms to your customers. You can do this because you can sell them getting a good profit margin. You buy at 5 EUR/1000sms and you can sell to more than 50 EUR/1000sms. Also you can start with a few phones and then grow with the increase of your customers. (See more details in Resellers)


How to use


1 - Download the SMS Control Panel      (Windows Application)

(Sms Control Panel is an App, currently, unregistered and the Windows latest versions make it increasingly difficult to download unregistered App. Not immediately accept the proposed OK otherwise you exit without executing the download. Always ask for more information. If, however, you are unable to perform the download you can always ask, via email, the zipped version of Control Panel.)

End-User License Agreement for Sms Control Panel

How to uninstall the application:
1- Go to Windows Control Panel
2- Right click on "Sms Control Panel" and then uninstall

2 - From the SMS Control Panel, create an account clicking on Register
(To complete the registration you have to click on the link that SMS Gateway will send to your e-mail after a while)

3 - With your Android Phone go to the Gloogle Play Store and install the "SMS Gateway" App. (In Gloogle Play Store search for "SMS Gateway by Pucci")

4 - Fill the spaces Username and Password of the "SMS Gateway" App with the Username and Password created to subscribe from the Control Panel. Click on Login.

5 - End of the operation. If everything went all right, your mobile phone is ready to send the sent SMS from the Control Panel.