Most of the companies that need to do marketing with text messaging, normally, they are not interested even in managing their shipment through mobile phones.
They prefer to pay more but not having to deal with these problems.
They prefer to think only to their business.
Thanks to SMS Gateway you can offer them a service of sending SMS truly competitive. The price of normal sale of a 1000 Sms package is far superior (at least 50/60 euro) to what you pay with SMS Gateway. You also do not need great investments because you can start with a few phones and then grow with your customers.
We provide you with everything you need to get started:

1 - Custom Control Panel where your customers can buy the SMS to be sent and that will be paid directly to you through a PayPal account. Of course you will decide the selling prices of individual packages.
2 - Delivery of 100,000 Sms package for sale with the Control Panel

All this is provided at a price of 300 Euro (the cost of the SMS package)

Please email us for more information.